Woman smiling after receiving periodontal therapy treatmentThe accumulation of plaque and tartar on the teeth creates an excellent place for bacteria to live and grow. This can cause severe gum irritation and/or bleeding during brushing or eating. This is considered an early stage of gum disease. To alleviate the issue, you will need to visit your dentist for a professional cleaning that includes scaling and root planing. If the early stages of gum disease are not treated properly, the condition can progress, causing the structure of teeth to break down and eventually loosen. If you believe you may be in the early stages of gum disease, call our office today to schedule an appointment in Dublin at 614-889-7661 or in Worthington at 614-885-2610

What is scaling and root planing?

Scaling is a process that removes tartar from the surface of the teeth. This is often performed during your regular cleanings. Root planing, on the other hand, aims to smooth the root surface to eliminate infection. When gum disease is present, your gum pockets deepen, which allows tartar to deposit below the gumline. This can lead to further complications, like advanced gum disease and the deterioration of the structure of the teeth. These two services will keep your teeth smooth and disease free. Visit your dentist regularly to monitor the health and wellness of your teeth and gums. 

How long does this process take?

The length of the process depends on how extensive the infection and possible damage is. If the pockets of infection are well-developed, your dentist may complete this treatment over two appointments, making the procedure more manageable for both them and you. 

What do I do after this procedure?

You may experience some discomfort following this procedure. Avoid hot or cold foods to avoid further irritation. Some bleeding is normal. If your pain is unmanageable, over-the-counter pain medications can help soothe your gums through the healing process. When brushing and flossing, use gentle strokes to avoid further irritation. Salt water can be used to clean the affected areas while healing takes place. 

To learn more about periodontal disease, scaling, and root planing, give our office in Worthington a call today at 614-885-2610 or in Dublin call at 614-889-7661.

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